RAK7258 and Dragino shield. Traffic data displayed in gateway console, but not in application/device

I have set up a Rak7258 and got status “Connected” in TTN console. I have also generated an application and a device in console. The messages from my node shows up on the RAK7258 GUI and in TTN console under gateway traffic, but nothing appears under “Data” in application and device window.
Any idea how this can be solved?

Hi @Loramann,

Could you make a screenshot of the device overview page. See what the Status says it should show the time your device was last seen.
The way a LoRaWAN gateway works is like this. It sees all LoRa packets, however only forwards those that have a valid appilication and device registered in TTN in your case. Thus you see the packets in the gateway in both the GUI and TTN. You would see them even if you had no application as long as you were transmitting with valid RF parameters.
What node are you using, I suspect there is a problem either with the node or with your Application/Device configuration in TTN.


Thank you for your response and suggestions, Hobo!
Seems like the Application Payload Formats in the TTN console was making some trouble for me. After removing the decoder, the payloads startet to show up again and all seems to work as expected.

Hmm… Must be a new TTN feature :slight_smile:
A have messed plenty of payload decoders myself, still never had problems forwarding packets. True payload is messed, but still always had somekind of data.
Want to share what is the end goal, having a decoder, etc.