RAK7258 antenna gain

What is the gain of the antenna that comes in the package?


The gain is 2dB. Nothing crazy :slight_smile:


We where very disappointed to discover our unit was supplied to us with an antenna which was tuned to around 2100Mhz.
We tested it with a VNA.
Obviously somebody thought that it was ok to supply these gateways with LTE router antennas instead of 868MHz ones.
The lesson here it that you cant trust suppliers…
You need to test everything.
Otherwise this lorawan gateway has performed perfectly.

And you never made a mistake ever?

Ah, seems you do!

In this fast paced impersonal world, we need to cultivate cordial relations with our key suppliers, particularly in public. There was nothing to be gained with your post apart from getting it off your chest as I’d expect you’ll be redirected to sales / customer services to get the antenna to changed over.