RAK7258 Automatic data recovery

I use the UDP packet forwarder with lora devices, using RAK7258 gateway.
I want the option to save packets in case of losing internet connection.
And when it reconnects it will send the stored packets.
I thought that the “Automatic data recovery” setting in Lora network->Network Settings page is for that purpose.
When I turned it on I saw in the packet logger “Push into buffer” under mac command, but it was connected to the internet.
And the packets were not forwarded.
There is some more info in these screenshots
When I turn it back off it works fine
There is proper working SD card in it
Latest firmware installed r209
What am I missing?

I wonder if the server you are pushing packets towards is properly replying with push/pull acks, if not that might make it think it is offline.

Though I don’t know exactly what the RAK archive mechanism is using to know if it is online.

Hei @uvtal ,

How about you show us some screenshot of the LoRa Packet forwarder settings, might be the solution is there ?


I believe that’s the second screenshot in the first post


Right, thanks for pointing it out seems I missed it. Interesting choice of ports there by the way.
What about the log itself. Can you set the log level to Debug:

Than get the logs:

Maybe this gives us more insight. Honestly never came by this issue before.