RAK7258 - can't manage to do anything with it?

So I purchased a RAK7258, with 433mhz frequency (I know I won’t be able to register it in TTN). Right now I’m just trying for it to even detect my lora messages (using lora in-built server), but nothing gets registered? I’ve tried Lora / LoraWan in a raspberry pi lora hat (adafruit 433 bonnet) and with a esp32 (heltec) and so far absolutely nothing :\

Did you follow quick start guide here? https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/Indoor-Gateway-RAK7258/Application-Notes/RAK7258_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf

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Will it only packet forward if it connected to TTN? TTN doesn’t allow for 433mhz gateways…

Hi @LastCaress,

Even if you can’t connect to a network server you should still see the packets in the logger.
Please refer to the image, the menu is the one circled in red.


I don’t see packets there, at least not the ones I am sending. I am getting random packets detected there (with crc errors always) and these do not correspond to packets I am sending. Also, whenever I leave the “lora packet Logger” page, the list of packets gets cleared. is that normal?
thank you.

what’s your firmware#? What network server you use?

I’ve installed the latest firmware. the rak7258 is connected to ethernet, and is using “build-in lora server”. right now I am just trying for it to recognize any package.