RAK7258 config upload, Nodes can't rejoin

Issue:I save my RAK configuration ( download ) to a config file as a backup, then when some changes are made and it does not work I can revert by uploading the config file. The problem is that in the Lora Application Settings, The Devices that I have added using OTAA Show DEVID as “Blank” and the only way for them to reactivate is to reset them all to rejoin.

Setup:I setup my RAKto connect to a broker, I add a Device LSN50 sensor with 2 x DS18B20’s MOD=4, The Device Activates , I get data on the broker, All working, I download the config file, then I upload that same config file, The connected devices do not reconecct I get no data,

LoRa® Server:RAK7258

Details: 1.2.0066_Release r213

Hello @Robin ,
This is due to security reasons. The AppSKey and NwkSKey are not being stored in the backup file. If you want to avoid this required rejoin, you will have to use ABP.

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