RAK7258 connection problems

Hi, I just received my RAK7258 gateway and is having issues with connecting to a lora device. Currently, the gateway is connected via ethernet from the router and it shows connected status on the things network. I have also set the app eui and app key’s on my lora module to be the same as on the things network console. When I run an AT command to join, it always fails. Any suggestions?

Hello @lordjason
First, what node you use? Check that you have selected the right frequencies in LoRa Packet Forwarder config. OTAA or ABP activation. Do you see Join Requests in Gateways LoRa Packet Logger or in TTN ?

Todor Velev

I have a multitech xdot. I think i ended up setting it correctly which was selecting FSB=2…
I am connecting to TTN so should the packets I send show up on the LoRa packet logger too because at the moment its always blank.