RAK7258 Decoder Function

When I was using the ThingsNetwork, there was a decoder function where you could enter your own decoder for parsing the payload before it was sent to an integrated backend server.
On RAK7258:
I have minimised the lora data packets so that they are transferred to the gateway with minimal airtime. However RAK7258 documentation talks about a decode function to decode the data in the built in loraserver before sending it to an external application server.
I have found the function but there is only one option: CayenneLPP.
How do I add my own CayenneLPP decoder? is there a file I am supposed to upload?
Or is there just a set built in decoder that doesn’t work with my data?


Hi. For now the decoder is only for Cayenne LPP format. If you send the data in this format it will be decoded. For more https://developers.mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/lora/#lora-cayenne-low-power-payload
Custom decoder will be added in future releses.