RAK7258 - Feature requests

// Cellular Status
Mode: 2G/3G/HSDPA/4G
Operator: 02-UK
RSSI: -78 dBm
Tower: 299F7B
Roaming: Yes | No

// Basic Station

  1. White listing
  2. Automatic data recovery

// Gateway status - push from GW
Multitech have a Free cloud service for use with their Gateways called DeviceHQ
This has a range of features the one many orgs use regular Status updates from GW to DHQ.

To operate gateways in multiple countries & regions you need good visibility of GW health.
So being able to get things like cell RSSI, GW temp help with being bumped off networks or finding that a GW is mounted over an oven!

So a simple HTTPs post to a user specified end-point with a small set of key indicators or as other GW vendors do use a secured SMS service for remote commands and Status updates. Would help significantly.