RAK7258 Gateway, AWS IoT Core, and TTGO Lora32


I hope my question isn’t too ignorant but am new to LoRa and while I’ve searched, can’t find an answer and not sure where to focus my troubleshooting.

I’m using a TTGO Lora32 node with flashed with LMIC-Node firmware. I can see through the console that it is trying to connect sending join commands.

I can see the join requests on my RAK 7258 Gateway’s packet logger:

“freq”: 905100000,
“chan”: 6,
“tmst”: -1802628652,
“utmst”: 1627280203029,
“rfch”: 1,
“stat”: 1,
“rssi”: -22,
“size”: 23,
“modu”: “LORA”,
“datr”: “SF10BW125”,
“codr”: “4/5”,
“lsnr”: 8,
“data”: “AE8UCUlCCXuwDl/1tIPasF63CYYdO5Q=”
“MHDR”: {
“MType”: “Join Request”,
“RFU”: 0,
“Major”: 0
“JoinRequest”: {
“AppEUI”: "B0 7B 09 42 49 09 14 4F ",
“DevEUI”: "5E B0 DA 83 B4 F5 5F 0E ",
“DevNonce”: “9B7”
“MIC”: “943B1D86”

but I never see it complete on the AWS IoT Core side. I have setup up the gateway in AWS using RAK LNS settings and it appears to be communicating as it has a current “Last uplink received” displaying.

  1. How do I troubleshoot where the packet goes once it leaves the gateway? Does it automatically get sent to the wss://xxxxxxxxxxxx.lns.lorawan.us-west-2.amazonaws.com address as configured on the LNS page?

  2. I’m using the Basic Station on the gateway and I’m confused by the radio buttons to choose between CUPS and LNS. It seems AWS has certificates for both but maybe RAK gateway only supports one or the other? Do I only need the LNS settings?

It feels like I’m really close to getting the sensor data into AWS. I’ll try and remove/re-add the gateway and redo the certificates without CUPS to see if that makes a difference. I’ve only been using the web interface of the RAK gateway so not sure if there is CLI/SSH work that needs to be done to configure the Basic Station.

Any help/tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!


Hi @s3rp1c0 Did you follow our guide here? Both LNS and CUPS are supported. I suppose that your node is not registered in the AWS console connected to the AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN.

Hi Todor,

Thank you very much for your quick response. I’ve gone through the excellent documentation a few times (love the screenshots) and I was writing a detailed response, I have come across my stupid mistake.

In compiling the LMIC-Node library for the LoRa32 v1 in PlatformIO, I transposed the AppKey incorrectly. I also changed the LoRa network settings to CUPS Boot Server and it automatically grabbed the AWS certificates for the LNS server portion of the settings.

Long story short, I seem to see it connecting and now need to pass some data into the pipes to test the rest of the platform.

Thanks again!


having trouble to connect my RAK 7258 to AWS IOT Core.
Followed instructions, opened RAK web with, created AWS Gateway in IOT CORE after creating IAM account.
Then created Certificates for CUPS PEM and KEy and introduced in RAK web for cong
But It doesnt give me the way to generate the Trust certificate for the CUPS
any help ?

Any clue why I got stuck here?

Well. It seems Gateway is now connected and visible from AWS IOT Core.

It seems though that Network Server not active.

Now I am trying to connect a lilygo ESP32 T Beam as a device to AWS IOT Core. Success not comig.
Any help that I can use?
Emilio from Spain