Rak7258 - How do I make a secure connection to MQTT?

The SSL / TLS options are:

  • Disable
  • CA signed server certificate
  • Self-signed server certificate
  • Self-signed server & client certificate

I can’t see an option for what I need:

  • CA signed server certificate and client certificate.

Is it possible for me to connect it this way?

If I disable the requirements for certificates server-side, everything else with the GW seems OK so far.

Many thanks,

It’s not possible in the web-based UI (as far as I can tell), but perhaps it can be done if I SSH into the gateway and edit some config files instead?

If this were the chirpstack GW bridge, you would set the tls cert and the tls key. You would not set the CA cert.

Our server certificate comes from Let’s Encrypt