RAK7258 http integration return time

Issue:Time available from HTTP integration message to allow node to receive data in same message as data request.
Setup:RAK811 sending to RAK7258 using AS923

LoRa® Server: RAK7258 built-in server.

Details: We are trying to see if we can use the HTTP integration within the RAK7258 LoRa server to return the response to the nodes message in time that the node receives the response in the same reply.
We are finding that if we return the HTTP response within 100ms it works most of the time. Has anyone done this and has anyone found a way to stretch this time to more like 500ms. The RX1 window is 1000msec.

Anyone done this with chirpstack?

That’s probably not going to work, at least not without deep modification of the network server stack.

Part of the issue is that the server stack assumes there could be more than one gateway (because it’s architected for real multi-gateway installations) so it’s not going to send out the receipt report immediately, but rather wait a bit to see if there are any other additional gateway receive reports of the same signal to join into it.

If you really want to do this you might consider configuring your network to a longer custom RX1 delay. RX2 delay will naturally be increased as well.