RAK7258 - Lora Network Server

I am trying to setup my own private LoraWAN (without TTN). I have setup the gateway based on the documentation, but I am having trouble connecting nodes to this gateway. Is there any documentation or code sample (Arduino or ESP32) for adding nodes to this gateway’s LoRa Server (in a non TTN setup)?


Hi @Ori,

Are you using the built-in LoRa server?
If so you can look at the manual here:

Section 3.4 Should give you enough information on how to register an application/device.


I followed the docs, but I am unable to register devices either on OTAA and APB. I can see the connection in the “LoRaWAN Packet Logger”, but they don’t ‘reach’ the Lora Network Server…

Hi @Ori
Are you using LMIC lib? Did you check LSB and MSB input of keys? Can you give us print screen of join request data?

I am using LMIC. I was able to eventually join via APB. Thanks.

Now that I am able to add devices, I encounter a new problem:

LoraServer.io normally has an Integration tab (under Applications) to send out the data (via HTTP for example to an end-point). But it’s is missing in the Lora Server implementing on the RAK.

How do I send out the data ?

Hi @Ori,

This type of integration is not supperted yet in the built in Lora server.


Hi @Hobo,

Then how to send data-out to my app? I tried even to connect to the test loraserver.io of RAK and I can’t find how to set it up anywhere in the gateway… I am totally missing something?

@Ori have you tried to use the HTTP integration or MQTT bridge?

Interested in reading but doc are not available anymore.

Check this out: