RAK7258 LTE modem not active

I have the LTE version of the 7258. I have activated the SIM card but it will not connect to the network. i can see the IMEI code, but no network connection. The SIM status from the SIM provider shows active but not connected to the network - same as the 7258. I checked out the logs and found this message coming up repeatedly - >

What is wrong?

Hi @simplice,
Does your card have a PIN code and does your cellular provider provides an APN? Could you give us a screenshot of the status page for the cellular?

My provider is Hologram and doesn’t need a pin. I used ‘hologram’ as the APN.

Provider Screenshot

RAK cellular is enabled. See the screenshot below.

Please let me know if you need more information.

First of all, you can remove the APN as hologram doesn’t require an APN.
Also, check here https://www.hologram.io/pricing/coverage#coverage-table if you have coverage with hologram partners.

Thank you for your response. Hologram has a data threshold setting that shuts down the SIM’s for the account. I was able to resolve my issue. Thank you.