RAK7258 micro gateway with maximum LoRa node

Hello all,
We’ve just purchased RAK7258 micro gateway, and excited to work on it.
I just want to know that how many maximum LoRa Nodes we can connect with it. Can anyone help me with this?

it depends on the gateway specifications which is usually defined by the number of packets it can support.

For instance, if use RAK7258/49 or RAK7243 which is Raspberry Pi based Gateway embedded Semtech SX1301 concentrator chip.It is supporting 1.5M packets/day, and if the application sends 1 packet per hour, then more than 62,000 nodes can be handled by that Gateway.

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Ohkay, Thank you @kenyu for your reply, we’ll try and update results over here.

At least if you are using a gateway with an external server, all that really matters is the behavior of the nodes.

You could have absurdly large numbers of nodes, and if they have low activity, things would work very well.

Or you could have a small number of highly active nodes always interrupting each other’s transmissions, and things would work poorly.

LoRaWAN is a chaotic system, but the limitations are the behavior of the nodes and the server, more than the gateway. The gateway is just a box which translates between RF and internet protocols.

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Yes, agreed with you @cstratton, thanks for sharing this information.