RAK7258 - Missed Uplink Messages

Issue: Frequent Missed Uplink Messages

Setup: FW Version of the RAK7258 is 1.1.1_RAK rRAK-c7679acc7. Gateway is setup as Packet Forwarder to TTNV3.

LoRa® Server: TTNV3 (EU1)

Details: I have a device using RAK4270 which is sending data every minute. Most of the time, the uplinks fail and they cannot even be seen on the LoRa Packet Logger. I can confirm that the device is sending messages because they are being monitored using a spectrum analyzer. The gateway is another room next to the one where the device is placed.

What could the issue be in this case?

If they appear on the gateway, where do they go missing?

Are you aware of the TTS CE (aka v3) Fair Use Policy?

The missed uplink messages do not even appear on the gateway (LoRa Packet Logger).

Yes, but the uplink message should still appear on the LoRa Packet Logger right? Is it possible to disable the Fair Use Policy for testing purposes only? With a private gateway.

Ah, OK, LoRa packet logger on gateway, not some other instrument.

Yes, should still appear and will appear on the TTS console, but as I’m TTN forum mod, it would be remiss of me to not ensure you are aware of it. It’s considered OK for short term testing and there isn’t anything to disable for that. But a private gateway for longer term use would be appropriate.

Can you get another device - preferably not a RAK4270 based device, to test the gateway to make sure it’s healthy. Or find another gateway to test the RAK4270 with.