RAK7258 - No Fake GPS using Basic Station mode

Issue: When a brand new RAK7258 (AU915/Non LTE) is updated to Firmware 1.2.0065_Release r209 and set to Basic Station mode the option of setting a Fake GPS disappears, in older firmware it was under System > System

Setup: AU915 Channel Plan SB2, Basic Station, uri link: wss://lns.au.thethings.network, Firmware version Firmware 1.2.0065_Release r209

LoRa® Server: wss://lns.au.thethings.network / TTN v2, setup as Basic Station and “Legacy Packet Forwarder” is set.

Setting the gateway to Packet Forwarder instead brings back the option - note I have not filled it in for the Packet forwarder as trying to move towards Basic Station straight away to make migration in the future possibly easier for TTN v3

I am not getting any GPS location data on packets for applications using the gateway, but get GPS for other gateways in town.



Hi @tobiaslinkwitz,
Which is the older version that you mentioned? For r209 this option is available only for the Packet Forwarder option.
This option can be found at LoRa Network > Network Settings > GPS Information and only for Packet Forwarder.

Hey Nikola,

This new RAK7258 AU915 that I have is for my personal/home projects.
However we also used RAK7258 at work, I believe the firmware r205 i think also had the same issue with Basic Station - but haven’t had time to double check so might be by design that basic station doesn’t have the Fake GPS

It might be some issue with Basic Station going to TTN v2, only an issue on TTN mapper applications and TTN v3 applications where the GPS/Location/Altitude is not present in the Meta data for each payload, however I have noted now that TTN mapper has put my payload points on the map for signal strength.

So for now not so much of an issue, data for actual nodes is coming through, just the “location” of the gateway is unknown - even though should be from “TTN registery”



Hi @tobiaslinkwitz,
The “Fake GPS” option was never supported in “Basic Station” mode.

Thanks Nikola,

Good to know :slight_smile: cheers