RAK7258 no graphs in Basic Station mode

Issue: Changing LoRa Network from Packet Forwarder to Basic Station all the graphs are empty in Status | Overview.

Setup: RAK7258 running 1.2.0065_Release r209 firmware

LoRa Server: TTN v3 (The Things Stack Community Edition)

Details: When running Packet Forwarder mode connected to TTN v2 all the graphs on the Status | Overview worked. Moving to TTN v3 I changed from Packet Forwarder to Basic Station and this caused all the graphs to be blank even though the RAK7258 is still receiving data from stations and sending the data to TTN.

Also the Status | LoRa Packet Logger frequency graph (bottom left corner) shows a frequency range of 470.4 to 473.4, but I am using the US 915 band.

The log shows lots of these errors:
daemon.err uhttpd[1463]: connect ERROR: Connection refused
user.err basicstation[12468]: [LOG:ERRO] Lora mode error, mode value: 0

Hei @KanyonKris ,

This is a known bug (the graph part) that has been reported and will be corrected with the next firmware version, which will be coming by the end of the month.
The other issues, first time I encounter them. I will report them for a solution.
Thanks for the feedback.


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I upgraded to WisGateOS 1.0.1 and the graphs are still blank in the Overview.