RAK7258 : No information on status page

   Hi All, I just got my RAK5205 WisTrio Tracker module and started integrating with RAK7258 indoor gateway and private LoRaServer. In status page is no information but LoRaWAN Packet Logger page it has inforamtion. Any sugesstions on what is going wrong here?

Hi @pramualkr. Please check the firmware version. And update with the last one fro here RAK7258.
Please post the results.


Hi @velev I check the last firmware is 1.1.0037 release r159. and updated.The result is still no information on status paage. Please advise to me.

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Hi @velev In moring I change Server address on gateway config page from to router.as1.thethings.network (TTN). The status page has information.
Why I use private loraserver (loraserver.io), no information on status page?

Thank you.