RAK7258 Not Connecting To ChirpStack [AWS Config]

Issue: My RAK7258 is 'Not Seen by Chirp Stack despite following everything in the tutorial of connecting ChirpStack via AWS Ubuntu

ALL tests giving the expected results, namely:

  • journalctl -u chirpstack-network-server -f -n 50

  • journalctl -u chirpstack-application-server -f -n 50

BUT I GET A DELAYED RESPONSE FROM: journalctl -u lora-gateway-bridge -f -n 50
(showing only: – Logs begin at Wed 2020-11-18 23:22:05 UTC. --)
This may be the problem but I got it to work before and I have ChipStack Running.

Anyone has any clue why this is happening?

I ensured I installed with line:

sudo systemctl start lora-gateway-bridge

Setup: RAK7258

Server: ChipStack Installed on Ubuntu AWS

Presumably this caused by your Internet connection problem reported at ERROR: connected returned Network is unreachable

It would have made far more sense for you to have posted that here, rather than creating a new thread

Understood, my bad, posted this as I signed up. Getting used to the site and now I know where to post.

The problem that caused this was I followed the documentation which said: lora-gateway-bridge not chirpstack-gateway-bridge

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