RAK7258 not passing time in message

I have a number of Lora devices now connected to my 7258 gateway. These are passing data to The Things Network and I am seeing these messages in my Node-Red application. Data from one device is arriving via my gateway (eui-60c5a8fffe74d3a5) and also via a public gateway (eui-60c5a8fffe71ab20). Only the public gateway shows a value in the “time” meta-data field. Why is this?
The message metadata is provided below.


Hi @smbunn,

One question. The RAK7258 has no GPS, whereas the public gateway probably has, right :slight_smile:


True, but I had a Things Network Gateway (most unreliable device ever) and it had no GPS but still passed thru time.

Hi Vlad,

Is there another way to set the time in the RAK7258 or is GPS the only way?
I’m trying to utlise the new firmware (r176) that allows an SDCARD to store/buffer and forward once connection is reestablished.
I want to retain the time that the message arrived at the gateway, hence need to sync the gateway.
Thanks, Jarrod