RAK7258 payload decoder/encoder

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In 2020 a payload decoder / encoder was announced as an alternative to the cayenneLPP, what about that?
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Hello @TomBiel,
As for now, no such functionality is supported, but probably in 2022, this will be a useful feature with WisGateOS2.0.

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Hello @Nikola ,
I think there are some people waiting for it! ; o) Until a few weeks ago we still got our sensor data via ttn v2 v3 we don’t want to use it because we don’t want to send our data halfway around the world … we only want to do it with the RAK7258 … thanks for your info, I hope the payload editor is coming soon!
Greetings Tom

Hello @TomBiel,

That is for sure! That is why I can ensure you that such a utility will be available, because we know how much this will help our customers in their projects.

Keep in mind that traditionally validating and decrypting LoRaWAN packets is treated as a distinct task run on a distinct server from parsing their contents into individual fields and expanding any uniquely packed values - LoRaWAN is the stock software solution, working with the contents of your data feed the custom one. Absolutely nothing prevents you from today doing your own further processing on the application packets provided to your ultimate data solution by either the on-board LoRaWAN server, or another one.