RAK7258 POE type and voltage

What power do I need to use to power RAK7258 GW. I’m asking because I’ve already burnt one Chineese POE router which was not supporting 48V but only 12V.
So my question is simple, what will works and what won’t? There is no indication on user manual nor datasheet about POE type and wiring.

  • 12V with passive power injector
  • 24V with passive power injector
  • 48V active like cisco

Thanks for any help


Hi @Charles
You can find this information in the datasheet of the device here: https://docs.rakwireless.com/Product-Categories/WisGate/RAK7258/Datasheet/#main-specifications

So you can use 48V active PoE as the supported standard is IEEE802.3af.
The wiring is standard.

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