RAK7258 poor coverage

It is announced: The Gateway has Line-of-Sight (LoS) ranges of up to 15 km, while for highly urbanized environments it can cover more than 2 km. IT is a perfect solution for any LoRaWAN use case scenario.

I’m doing my first reach tests and I only get about 200 meters in a city with few buildings.

Can it be a configuration issue?
Can it be placed in any way that improves the range?
Is there any way to improve reception?

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  1. You need to make sure that communication between your devices is normal
  2. You have to install matching antennas so that the devices communicate with each other
  3. Your antenna should match the frequency range your gateway opens.

I am also have this gateway running with the stock antenna and do reach 1-1,5km in our small city and the Gateway is placed indoor right under the ceiling. I would like to place it even higher in the attic but because of the poor WiFi of the Gateway I get no Internet connection there, see Poor WiFi performance (in client mode)

I think this is quite a good range. Of course it always depends how many houses are inbetween the sensor and the gateway. Some houses block the signal completely, then a few meters away I get a signal. Also it depends on the node you are using for testing, I am testing with a TBeam.

I’m testing with a pycom lopy4 and a rak5205.
The gateway is under the roof of the building connected with a network cable. I have put it near a window.
Do you keep distances with the walls around the indoor antenna?

Thanks and regards