RAK7258 + RAK7249 + RAK7240 - LTE Modem Region

Hi All,

We have a question as a integrator of these gateways.
We configure and send these not only in Australia but also overseas such as Europe.

We are about to buy more RAK7258 and possibly a batch of RAK7240.

I am aware that they apparently use the Quectel EG95, however how does one choose or how is the RAK factory specifying which modem variant to install for which region, there only seems to be a mention of EG95-E for EMEA Region and EG95-NA for North America Region, but NO mention of EG95-AUX for Australia/NZ nor any modem in the EG95 for Asia markets on the RAK7258 Datasheet.

I have feeling that the RAK store Website for instance for the RAK7258 that the frequency plan is what is in the background the indicator for what modem is installed/specified.

Shouldn’t this modem be a more Global Modem instead?

Just a suggestion if this is case with drop down menu For Frequency on the store being the switch for picking the LTE modem version the result should state what country the LTE is intended for, such as the assumption that AU915 = Australian LTE modem and AS923 = Asia, and EU868 = Europe LTE modem


ICT International

Hi @tobyICT,
Yes, the frequency band is what indicates to us what modem to put in the device at the storehouse.
If you have any suggestions or requests, it’s better to use [email protected] than the forum.

Thanks Nikola,

So does mean the AU915 LTE Gateways come with EG95-AUX for Australia? (we need 3G support on B5)
And does that then mean AS923 Gateways come with the EG95-E only? (we have a AS923 here that I have the lid off stating EG95-E) Question being is Australia up to recently was both AU915+AS923, so the idea frequency plan denoting which LTE modem is not really that great, as a unsuspecting person with choose AU915 or AS923 for Australia, but will end up with a different modem is what I am thinking.

The EG95-E will not be compatible for 3G in Australia on Vodafone or Telstra as they are or have been phasing out B1/2100MHz on 3G, leaving us in a black spot.

Your website thus needs to be updates to state what modem/region the product will work in depending on the drop down list, also it would be worth having a chat to the methodology of product marking, all the gateways have “RAK7258” on them - but no sub model/part code and only the Cardboard box so very easy to mix up or for remote troubleshooting unless someone labels is “Asia Only” or “Australia Only”