RAK7258 uplink issue

I have several LoRa end devices that send packets every 2 seconds to the gateway, but only, I’ say, the 25% of the packets transmitted by the end devices are received by the gateway (I’m looking at the gateway logs).
The proximity between the end devices and the gateway is about 5 meters.
What can be causing this? Do I need to make a specific configuration on the Gateway, maybe firmware upgrade (I did upgraded it to the 1.1.0056_Release r193 version, but the problem persists).

Can you describe the terminals and servers you use? What you need to determine is whether all the terminal data is transmitted to the gateway and some is rejected by the gateway.

Hi Nicholas, thanks for your reply.
After some research I was able to determine that, in fact, the problem was on the end devices that were not transmitting their data every 2 seconds as I expected. The RAK was indeed receiving all the data.
So, I think this topic doesn’t apply anymore.