RAK7258 WiFi AP Mode Does not activate

Issue:SSID RAK7258_xxxx showed up then disappeared

Setup: New out-of-box activation/configuration

LoRa® Server:

Details: Logged on with root/root, then started to configure wifi, when connection was lost. Several 10 sec factory resets did not correct problem.


Any chance you can connect via the Ethernet port to investigate in the settings what went wrong?
Apparently Wi-Fi is not an option.
Are the LEDs blinking, is it powering on at all, I am assuming it is.

Yes, Ethernet port works and am connected to TTN and receiving packets. Was hoping I didn’t need to use direct Ethernet cabling. Haven’t yet investigated the wifi settings.

Ethernet should let you get back into the settings pages, at least if you figure out what IP address the box ended up with on the local subnet…

Yup, as @cstratton said. Start from the Wi-Fi config tab and see what happened.

Connected using Ethernet.
Updated firmware
Rebooted, logged on and downloaded new firmware with CRC confirmation.

See this update note on wi-fi bug – item 4.

Installed and now I get log-in page with every click on left-hand menu item.

Not a good start. Was connected to TTN, now can’t connect.

Update note:

  1. Logical adjustment of lora network server application
  2. Supports packet forwarder UDP packet DGRAM MTU setting for preventing the packet loss caused by UDP packet fragmentation,
    and solves the problem that auto data recovery mechanism sends buffer message circularly after the network recovery.
  3. The firmware of neutral version supports custom logo and theme color settings.
  4. Fixed missing the WiFi AP disable/enable button. Fixed the bug that WiFi configuration doesn’t take effect in some cases. Fixed the bug that AP SSID cannot be searched after the STA connection failure.
  5. Supports Openvpn connection status and virtual interface IP address display
  6. Fixed the bug that End device parameter initialization error when using lora network server in EU868/US915 region.
  7. Supports to select 16 channel plan quickly for the 16 channel gateway.
  8. Supports automatic repair function for SD card file system, to prevent the SD card file system damage caused by abnormal power failure of gateway.
  9. Fix other bugs.

Getting ready to return item.