RAK7258 - wifi client problem


I have just received the RAK7258 and I can acess to the router by Ethernet cable but I’m not able to connect with wi-fi client. I found some information about define the WAN interface protocol to none. But every time I click Save&Apply the program starts appling the changes and stays there without finishing this process.

Can someone help with this?


Hi @andrefsl
Which firmware version you use?
RAK7258 have two wireless modes that works simultaneously. AP mode and WiFi mode. AP mode is for set up and monitor the gateway trough WiFi. And client mode is for connecting the gateway to internet via Wi-Fi.

You have to enable Client Mode, chose your network, type the password if any and Save&Apply.

Todor Velev

You have to click “Switch Protocol” first, then save. It’s a little bit confusing but works. Then enable the Wireless Client. Be aware that the AP will still be running. If you disable it the client also gets disabled.

Hi @sebastianha
You may use old version of gateway firmware. Protocol switch is no more presented. On WiFi page you have all options - to fully disable WiFi radio, disable only AP or Wi-Fi and etc. (as is seen on the picture in my previously post) .
If you want you can check new version here RAK7258 Firmware.

Todor Velev

I think my software is up to date, see screenshots. The button only appears after selecting a new protocol from the drop down.

Also: If I disable the AP, the WiFi client does not work anymore. This seems to be a bug because I can set the Interface manually to “sta” in the /etc/config/wireless which works fine.