RAK7258 wifi client

Hi There, I just setup a RAK7258 to connect to TTN. All fine. However I’m unable to set the gateway in wifi client mode. It keeps failing on connecting to the wifi (i’m sure the essid and pass are correct and I tried all the wpa settings).
Also when clicking in the wifi / lan settings I’m getting the following error:

No page is registered at ‘/admin/network/wireless/radio0.network1’.
If this url belongs to an extension, make sure it is properly installed.
If the extension was recently installed, try removing the /tmp/luci-indexcache file.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Arno,
What is software version that current using?

That would be 1.1.0037_Release r159

You only need to change the protocol of the wan interface connection to none.Click Save&Apply

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Thanks, it works for me (RAK7258, version 1.1.0039_Release r164).