RAK7258 with Chirpstack V4 Firmware

Issue: Cant connect RAK7258 to Chirpstack V4

Setup: RAK7258 + Chirpstack V4 with Chirpstack gateway Bridge

LoRa® Server: Chirpstack V4 on AWS EC2

I have updated my gateway to latest Firmware Version 1.3.6_RAK b150,

Yet I am not able to connect to Chirpstack V4 running on AWS EC2 instance. I am able to connect to Chirpstack V3 as usual. Is there a new firmware version / configuration needed for connecting to CS V4?

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Hi @gettogupta ChirpStack V4 is not supported yet. Our developers are working on a solution.

Hi there, is there any update you could provide on this? I think I have my 7258 talking to Chirpstack v4 using the UDP packet forwarder over 1700 but can’t figure out why my devices aren’t receiving the Join Accept packets. I’m a beginner at this but looks like it’s going out 923.3Mhz which seems out of spec for US915. Is this a side effect of a compatibility issue? Thanks for any info…

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We now run into this issue as well for our RAK7258, RAK7268 and RAK7289 gateways.

We want to upgrade our central ChirpStack Network Server to v4, but when we do that these gateways don’t work any more. The uplinks work if you set it to ProtoBuf and change the topics, but downlinks don’t so no Join :).

For other gateways like the RAK developer ones with Rasberry Pi an update of the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge to 3.14.x was enough (v3 to v4 migration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation) to make them work.

Can the same be done for the protocol “MQTT for ChirpStack 3.x (PROTOBUF)” so it is compatible with a ChirpStack v4 server?

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