RAK7268 Accessing the Internet Problem

Hello Everyone,

I am having a problem about RAK7268 accessing the internet. RAK7268 is connected to TTN with Wi-Fi (Breathing LED is Blue). We turned it off (at the end of the day, we turn it off). After hours, we turned RAK on again. Now, RAK can not connect to Router to connect TTN. We solved this problem with resetting the GW everyday. We rebuilt the configuration everyday (selecting client&API, scanning Wi-Fi, writing passwort and more). This solution is uncomfortable for us. Our firmware version is 1.3.4. Someone said that this version has a bug about it. He said that I should downgrade the firmware to 1.3.3. If it is true, could you please help me to do that?

PS: we have to connect with Wi-Fi, not Ethernet.

Best Wishes.
Emir Oncu