RAK7268 BasicStation never reconnects after reboot

Issue: The RAK7268 is configured as a basic station with LNS server type and TLS Server and Client Authentication with the AWS IoT service. The configuration is done via the WisDM platform. After assigning the gatway, it properly connects and works fine. After a power outage, the connection is not re-established. The same problem occurs if rebooting the RAK device via WisDM. In order to re-establish the connection, I have to unassign the gateway, and re-assign it.

Setup: RAK7268 with firmware version 1.3.4

LoRa® Server: AWS IoT

Details: I checked the running process on the gateway, when the conection is working, I can see this process:
/usr/bin/lbs/station --home /var/etc/station --temp /var/run
After rebooting, it is not running, so my assumption is that something is missing in the /etc/init.d scripts.

Thanks for the help.

Antoine Lefebvre

Downgrade to 1.3.3, I have the same problem on TTI.

You don’t need to re-assign the gateway, you can just change one symbol in your key and then change it back to the originally key.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tested this carefully and it seems not to be working for me.

  • I downgraded the firmware, and then unassigned/reassigned the gateway in WidDM. It connected to AWS.
  • I rebooted the gateway using WisDM. The gateway never reconnected to AWS.
  • I unplugged the power adapter replugged, the gateway never reconnected.
  • If I do as you suggested, changing the key, saving and then switching it back and saving, it reconnected.

Any other suggestions?

I see these entries in the log:

Tue Aug 23 16:01:33 2022 user.notice bootp: 38.38 - /etc/rc.d/S85station boot
Tue Aug 23 16:01:33 2022 user.emerg syslog: uci: Entry not found
Tue Aug 23 16:01:33 2022 user.notice bootp: 38.69 - /etc/rc.d/S85sx130x_station boot
Tue Aug 23 16:01:33 2022 user.emerg syslog: uci: Entry not found

I upgraded to firmware version 1.3.5 and the problem is resolved. Thanks.

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