Rak7268 Breathing LED is off


We have a Rak7268 Wisgate Edge Lite 2. At the top of that device, it has a breathing LED. This breathing LED is off and we can not connect it from any devices. We tried to reset, but it’s not working. Could you please help us?

Hello @oncuemir and welcome to the forum!

Could you check the version of the firmware? It can be found in the Overview page of the web UI. If the version is prior to 1.3.4, please update to the latest one. You can find the latest firmware here.
Here it is explained how to flash the new firmware.

After you update to the latest one, access the webUI of the gateway and head to System → System. There you will find the Breathing light settings:

Hello Dear @Martin,

Thanks to your reply. I read your message but there is a issue for our Rak7268. We can not connect from WiFi or Ethernet with our devices. Moreover, breathing, LoRa, WLAN and LTE LEDs are off. So, we can not log in to our Rak Page with IP address. Also, we couldn’t reset the device, it’s not working. Could you please help us to solve our problem?


Hello @oncuemir,

Can you write an e-mail at [email protected] including me in the e-mail (my e-mail [email protected]).

Hello again Dear @Martin,

Thank you so much for your efforts. I have sent an email regarding to your latest reply. I hope, it will work.