RAK7268 + Chirpstack


I have a Wise Gate lite 2 (RAK7268), I’m trying to integrate this into my Chirpstack server, I’ve enabled the packet forwarder on the Wisegate and successfully connected it to my server

But In doing this I’ve lost the ability to add or remove applications (Joining devices to my RAK7268)

Am I missing something with how to join sensors to my Wisegate and have the UDP packet forwarder enabled?

Hello @tdkmatt ,

Chirpstack is an LNS (LoRa Network Server) and as such handles the devices and applications. You need to add your application and devices in the Chirpstack.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

I thought I had to add the device to my gateway, then use packet forwarder to my chirpstack?

How will the device know to connect to my rak as a gateway if im not adding the eui to the rak and only the chirpstack?


Chirpstack is an LNS or LoRaNetwork server. Its job is to manage the gateways as well as the devices.
If you use the RAK7268 with the Built-In LNS, then you will have to register the device in the Web UI of the gateway, but since you are using Chirpstack LNS to manage the gateway you will have to use it to control the end devices as well. This means you must create an application in the Chirpstack and register the end device there.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

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