RAK7268 - Enable User Authentication

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering why I can’t select “Enable User Authentication” as shown in the first image below.
I believe this would allow me to send data externally from my GW inside my LAN.
I was looking at sending data to one of these two for testing since neither uses any kind of certificate I think I need to enable the user authentication.
1 - The IoT GURU – MQTT tutorial (see STEP 2)
2 - Adafruit IO API Reference (see MQTT Connection Details)

Or have I got this wrong? I assume that the GW with the MQTT bridge is acting as a client to these brokers. Are these brokers or are they other clients?

I’m using RAK7268 with latest firmware (1.1.1) and I’ve set up the local Lora network server and have an application with a node that can send messages to it.
I will probably go back to a Loriot integration since it seems pretty bullet proof and was easier to get going. However, yesterday something stopped with that and I figured it was a good time to learn about MQTT.

The next images are included for reference.