RAK7268 external antenna

I have an RAK7268 indoor gateway and a 5.8dbi external antenna, With the default antenna I was not getting enough range so, I bought a new antenna with of range 5.8dbi one. I have configured the gateway to work with TTN, With the default antenna it is working fine, I’m getting the initial join signal and also data from the node.

With the new antenna, I’m only getting the Join signal but not the data.
Every 10sec I’m getting this

Is there any specific setting I need to do?
Plese help me I’m stuch here

Also, after one hour or so I’m getting, If I restart again no data

Hello @Sahu,
Note that a higher Dbi antenna does not always mean better coverage. You have to position the antenna and the end devices correctly and according to the environment around, for illustration:

Also in the second image you uploaded, I can see your packet has an SNR value of 19.75 which makes me thing that the end device is way too close to the gateway.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov