RAK7268 Mqtt Btoker

Can anyone help me to understand how Mqtt broker works on this gateway.
I see that there are two MQTT configurations:

  • LoRa Network >>>> Gateway

  • LoRa Network >>>> Global Integration

What is the difference between them?

If I want to use RAK7268 as MQTT broker I have to use localhost ( as broker address, isn’t it?
And in this case should “Enable User Authentication” work? I’ve benn doing some tests and it seems that publishers can connect to the broker without using any credentials…

I’m trying to use it with no connection to TTN, I only want sensors, … to send data to the gateway and read/write it from MQTT


Hi @jmir,
You can check this article in our knowledge hub for information on the MQTT and how to use it with our gateways.

Best Regards,

Hi @Nikola, I’d been using this article to see how it works.
But I can’t find:

  • Where tab 1 is explained. It’s some kind of MQTT configuration but I can’t understant what referes to…
  • When using RAK7268 as broker, how can I enable a user/password to connect to it? Is the menu 2 in the image refering to it? (I’ve been trying with and without it enabled, and it never asks for user/password to clients…)


More about the Gateway tab you can find here. Basically in this tab, you can add an external gateway to the current one.
As for the user/password authentication, there is a problem on my side as well, so I’ve contacted the software team and I will ping you as soon as they come up with a solution.
If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Ok, I’m waiting for your answer.