RAK7268 Network Server & Bosch TPS110 device


We have Bosch TPS110 Device (BOSCH TPS110 EU PLS Parking Lot Sensor - LoRaWAN Parkplatzsensor) and we cannot figure out how to make them work with a RAK7268.

For each devices we have DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey.

In “LoRa Network > Application” if I use “Unified Application Key” then I can enter Application Key and if I enable “Automatically Add Lora Device” then I can enter “AppEUI”, and then I can add a device using “DevEUI” but the device is never detected (it seems to have worked for 5 minutes for one device but then never again).

If I select “Separate Application Key” then there is nowhere where I can enter the “AppEUI”.

What should I do?

Kind regards,

Ok apparently “it works” but it takes aaaaages for the device to issue a “Join-request”. I had to let the thing run for 4 hours and eventually the device joined.

Any idea why?