RAK7268 System Log Interpretation

Issue: Messages are being published from a RAK4631 through the RAK7268 via an application. Payloads less than about 64 bytes are passed through to the endpoint at the AWS MQTT test client that is subscribing to receive the payloads. However, messages greater than about 64 bytes are received in the real time device log in the Application but are not received at the AWS MQTT Test Client. Large payloads from the AWS Test Client can be published to and received by the RAK4631 connected to the RAK7268. Note that Full Payloads can be published to HiveMQ.

Setup: RAK4631 setup on DR_4. RAK7268 setup in accordance with Tutorial AWS IoT Core Integration.

Server: AWS MQTT Test Client

Details: The RAK 7268 System Log shows that large and small payloads are received by the RAK7268. I am attempting to interpret some of the entries in the System Log.

  1. What do the terms NORTH TOPIC and SOUTH TOPIC mean?
    Sat Oct 8 00:43:34 2022 user.debug aws-proxy[23777]: SOUTH TOPIC: loranet/application/2/device/ac1f09fffe06d476/rx
    Sat Oct 8 00:43:34 2022 user.debug aws-proxy[23777]: NORTH TOPIC: application/appl/device/device/ac1f09fff

  2. What does the [40] mean in the following log entry?
    Sat Oct 8 00:43:34 2022 user.debug aws-proxy[23777]: application/2/device/ac1f09fffe06d476/rx[40]

  3. The following uplink indications are in the log for both shorter and longer payloads.
    Sat Oct 8 00:43:25 2022 daemon.info appSrv[10591]: [Uplink] - {“applicationID”:“2”,“applicationName”:“RAK4630_d476”,"devEUI…

Thank you in advance for your response.