RAK7268 TTN connection with OpenVPN fails

Hello everyone,

After powering on the RAK7268 gateway, Basics Station cannot connect to TTN if OpenVPN is enabled. However, the OpenVPN connection works properly, the device is reachable.

When I go to the Menu ‘LoRa Network → Network Settings’ and press ‘Save’, the gateway immediatly connects to TTN.

I suppose there is a routing or start up problem with Basics Station. Any suggestions what could be the issue?

The firmware version is: 1.3.4_RAK b113

Best regards

Hello Dear @siso,

I am new at RAK but there is a similar problem with our RAK7268. We have the same firmware 1.3.4 and when we power of, GW cannot connect to TTN. We restart the GW to reconnect to TTN. If we turn off and turn it on, GW cannot connect. Yesterday, someone told me that there is a bug at 1.3.4 version. He said that we had to downgrade the firmware to 1.3.3. I do not know this is true but this is the story. I hope our problems will be solved.

Best wishes.

Hi @oncuemir

Thank you for the hint. I will give it a try.

Best regards

You’re welcome @siso, could you please let me know if you solve it?