RAK7268 v1 vs v2

While looking for firmware updates on my RAK7268(v1), I see there is now a RAK7268v2 that runs WisGate OS 2.x…

The RAK7268v1 is still on 1.3.3.

Is WisGate OS 2.x ever going to come to the RAK7268v1? Or do I now have a <6 month old gateway that is ‘obsolete’ in terms of OS development?


Hi @Botched1 WisGateOS2 will be available for V2 gateways only. But this does not mean the WisGateOS will be not supported(or EOL). WisGateOS will be supported normally and for a long time.
Version 2 gateways are with different CPU and memory that allows us to develop more powerful, feature-rich, and based on the latest OpenWrt core OS - WisGateOS2.

It is good that the existing devices will get updates, not so great that we will miss out on new features…

I guess I’ll have to wait and see what “new features” the v2 models get to see if that justifies upgrading or not.