RAK7268 v1 vs v2

While looking for firmware updates on my RAK7268(v1), I see there is now a RAK7268v2 that runs WisGate OS 2.x…

The RAK7268v1 is still on 1.3.3.

Is WisGate OS 2.x ever going to come to the RAK7268v1? Or do I now have a <6 month old gateway that is ‘obsolete’ in terms of OS development?


Hi @Botched1 WisGateOS2 will be available for V2 gateways only. But this does not mean the WisGateOS will be not supported(or EOL). WisGateOS will be supported normally and for a long time.
Version 2 gateways are with different CPU and memory that allows us to develop more powerful, feature-rich, and based on the latest OpenWrt core OS - WisGateOS2.

It is good that the existing devices will get updates, not so great that we will miss out on new features…

I guess I’ll have to wait and see what “new features” the v2 models get to see if that justifies upgrading or not.


I’ve just purchased the RAK7268 as it’s listed as Edge Lite 2 (i.e. v2) on the web page. There appear to be V2 releases available in the download directory - will these work on it?

I saw the FCC Difference Declaration that V2 is ‘pin-for-pin’ the same as V1 except with double the memory, so surely this should not be a problem? FCC RAK7268V1 vs V2 Difference Declaration


I don’t think they are selling the v2 models yet. The original Edge Lite 2 is the v1 version - very confusing naming, I know.

So no, I don’t think you can use the V2 firmware.