Rak7268 wisgate connection

Hi everyone I’m new to this forum also I’m new to lora technologies.

I’m trying to connect my lora end node to Rak7268 wisgate. Can anyone share the documentation or tutorial link ? So, that it would be helpful.

I’m using lora E-5 dev kit as my end node

Welcome to the forum @sriniharish

We cannot help with the E-5 dev kit, but for the RAK7268 we have tutorials how to connect them to a LoRaWAN server:

RAK7268 (older version)

Thanks for your prompt response. I have already gone through the documentation you have shared. It helps me to connect the RAK7268 gateway to things network. However I’m looking to add my end device to RAK7268 gateway. Correct me if I’m wrong with connection process.

How to connect the Seeed e5? You have to ask Seeed. We don’t know how to setup their devices.