RAK7268 - WisGate Edge Lite 2 - MQTT Connection Failure

I am seeing this error in the system log as soon I configure Network Server Gateway to MQTT and subscribe via MQTT Client. At the same time, this error is triggering the MQTT client loosing connections as well for some strange reason.

Could you please help on this.

Firmware Version: 1.2.2_RAK rRAK-97ec8a2

Wed Oct 13 05:39:38 2021 daemon.err mqttEv[23801]: mqttEvDisconnectCB : MqttClient [gwBridgeS Mqtt Client] Disconnected : [7]
Wed Oct 13 05:39:38 2021 daemon.err mqttEv[23801]: mqttEvRdReady: mosquitto [[gwBridgeS Mqtt Client]] loop read ERR: 7
Wed Oct 13 05:39:38 2021 daemon.err mqttEv[23801]: mqttEvRdReady: mosquitto [[gwBridgeS Mqtt Client]] loop misc ERR: 4

@RAKWireless Team, Could you please help or advise as I could not able to connect to any MQTT server and client

In what way do you wish to use MQTT?

In the LoRaServer (as the onboard version is called, the offboard version now being called Chirpstack) architecture, MQTT has two roles: in between the “gateway bridge” and the network server, and in between the network server and whatever is consuming the validated and decrypted data.

Your error message shoes that the gateway bridge is having trouble connecting with the network server, suggesting that you changed the configuration of MQTT for the gateway bridge or the gateway side of the network server, something you would only want to do if you were using an external network server.

If you are using the internal network server and merely want it to send the resulting data somewhere else, then you need to revert the configuration of the gateway bridge (possibly factory reset the gateway) and change only the application MQTT settings of the network server.

I was configuring internal Network Server connecting to external MQTT after the factory reset. This error occurred while I was configured the same.

Please advise.

You need to change only the output side MQTT, not the input side which the gateway function uses to connect to the network server function.

Ok sure. Let me do reset and try as you advised