RAK7268 - WisGate Edge Lite 2 - Not Connecting to TTN After a Day Poweroff

I have been facing this issue 2nd time that WisGate Edge Lite 2 gateway is not connecting to TTN after being turned off and turned on the next day (~30 hours) gap. As a workaround, I used to reset the gateway every time and re-register in TTN and I would not power down at all for few days.

Also, I could not see any system logs about any error after reboot. Note that as per the attached TTN’s verbose stream logs, it connects for a while and disconnects after 15 secs.

Fireware Version: 1.2.2_RAK rRAK-97ec8a2

Is this an issue in some configuration or normal behaviour?

Could you please help with this.

Another pattern observed that gateway is able to connect to TTN if I do “Save & Apply” in LoRa Network → Network Settings → Basics Station → LNS Server without TTN API key change.

In other words, Gateway is not connecting to TTN automatically after powered up after powered off for a day.

Hi @dhamukrish Can you share your gateway logs? It will be better to mail them to [email protected]

For some reason, I could not to able re-produce this issue.

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