RAK7268 with MKR 1310 and TTN

hi advanced.
I’m new to LoraWAN and sorry about that I’m unfamiliar with english.

I’m tring to build loraWAN using below items
Node : Arduino MKR 1310 (KR920)
gateway : WisGate Edge Lite 2 (RAK7268) on basic station mode
application server : TTN

first of all I am successfully connect from gateway and TTN. I can see items of data on gateway’s Lora Packet Logger menu and same as Live data menu on TTN server.

but I can’t connect end device to TTN.

when I am tring to connect TTN using basic code on MKR1310 (just connect with JoinEUI (filled all zero), devEUI and AppKey, showing only “join request message” repeatdly.

even when i select abp mode. there is no message on g/w and TTN.

does anyone know of help or and resources?
thanks advanced.