Rak7268C consumes a lot of data

I have a RAK7268C installed with a SIM card and from time to time it consumes a lot of data.

I have configured only the cellular option and in Multiwan I have it configured as the first option.

I have the gateway connected to the WisDM.

Does having the gateway connected to WisDM consume data?

Thanks and regards

Is there an option that I can disable in the gateway to reduce data consumption?

One possible source of data consumption is the wireless access point. By default the RAK7268C is not password protected, and devices can connect to it and access the internet. I recommend you either disable the wireless network or you configure a password.

Another source of data usage is the cellular interface tracking settings. By default, it has a ping interval of 5 seconds. A ping packet is 74 bytes, a simple calculation gives you about 37 MB per month. I recommend augmenting the ping interval.

Thanks @antoine, this was my problem. I disabled the wireless network and the problem is solved.