RAK7268C Gateway ChirpStack Setup?


I have a RAK7268C Gateway, but I don’t know how to connect this gateway with ChirpStack. I couldn’t find any tutorial on the internet.
How do I get my Gateway to send data to Chirpstack using the menu in the photo.

Please, can you help?

Hey pls help me :(((

Hello @ffe ,
Actually, just fill the fields:

1 - choose packet forwarder
2- choose MQTT for ChirpStack 3.x for protocol
3 - the address of the chirpstack that you are hosting
4 - the port, which if you haven’t changed is 1883

Then just register the gateway in chirpstack and you are good to go.
If you want to use Basics Station it is also possible but you need to edit the Gateway Bridge on the chirpstack.

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Thank you, but I found a solution by trying it before.

Now I want to send data with RAK3172 using this.

I see the data coming in the ChirpStack interface, but I can’t find the data. What is the reason for this?

Could it be that I’m not using JSON as you suggested because I don’t see the data in the picture above?

Now I did as you show but I still can’t see the data.

This looks like a problem with the chip stack itself, some misconfiguration I guess.
This could help: Search results for 'websocket' - ChirpStack Community Forum

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Thank you @Nikola :))

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