RAK7268C Gateway Network Server

Hello, first of all I am very new to this. I hope I am posting in the right place. Please forgive me if I say anything wrong or ridiculous.

I have a gateway named RAK7268C and a module named RAK3172.

I wanted to send data with LORAWAN using the Network Server inside RAK3172 and RAK7268C, but I could not succeed. I couldn’t find a tutorial for that either.

At the same time, after sending data to the Network Server, I want to send my data to the server named Thingsboard via MQTT and other ways.

I want to do all this on my own local server. How can I do it ?

Hello, can you help?

Welcome to the forum @ffe

In our Documentation Center is a guide how to setup the RAK3172 to communicate over LoRaWAN. And in our Knowledge-Hub - Learn we have an example how to use the MQTT broker.

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