RAK7268C Lora Radio off after switching to Basics Station

Hello Team,
my Gateway info:

for some reason i have these issues:
When i switch the Lorawan network from Local Network Server to Basic with TTN credentials, the gateway flashes RED and the LoRa LED is off even-though TTN shows that the gateway is connected. rebooting the system puts it back on local network… what gives??? anyone can hint at how to debug this issue?

TTN credentials are the same as before so they are working and as i said it shows connected unfortunately no node are able to join as no traffic comes up since the LoRa radio off, also switching to Packet forwarder or local network turns the LoRa radio on…

Please help.

ok i think i found the issue with the mystery of the settings changing after a reboot, i believe it is due to WisDM being enabled, which for some reason doesn’t record the change i’m doing and i’m assuming because of the red flashing ad the Lora radio being off, so after disabling WisDM now tings stay the way they are after a reboot…

so not i need to know why the gateway comes up connected to TTN and yet the LoRa radio is off and the red light is flashing…

WisDM will overwrite any settings you have set in your gateway in the web interface. The part with the red LED flashing is a bug when using Basic Station. This should have been fixed in the latest firmware v1.3.1

Hello @jssani,
thanks for the reply, few questions please:

  1. Shouldn’t my local changes be updated and reflected to WisDM?
  2. where can i find firmware v1.3.1 as i only see v1.2.3 here RAKwireless Downloads
  3. What about LoRa light staying OFF, is that a bug as well.
  4. LoRaWan Public set to off while using Basics Station has no effect, nodes are actually joining using the public sync word and when they are switched to private mode no traffic is flowing through the gateway as if the Gateway is always on Public mode, is this a bug ? or does the Basics Station work only on public mode?

any ideas please?

  1. No, it is the other way around. WisDM will overwrite your local changes
  2. RAK7268 - WisGate Edge Lite 2 - Status LEDs are showing wrong status - #4 by Nikola
  3. I think so, I have have the problem with mine on v1.2.3. I have not yet tested v1.3.1
  4. I’m not sure I understand? If you are using Basic Station and TTN, the configuration will be send to your gateway from TTN.

Hi @jssani
thank you for your reply, please let try and explain:

When i set my Gateway to Basics and use TTN and then go to the channel page and set LoRaWan public to OFF as shown in the above screen shot, then program my nodes to use LoRawan Private mode so i know the sync words are set properly. once all that is done the gateway doesn’t see any traffic from my nodes… if i go back and change the basics from TTN to local Network then everything works as expected… so is this a bug or are not able to use Private LoRaWan with Basics>>TTN?