RAK7268C maximum input voltage

I checked the data sheet of the wisgate lite 2 RAK7268C and didn’t see the maximum input voltage, it inly says 12V 1A can someone please tell me what is the maximum voltage we can run on the gateway or hetter yet what is the range voltage it will accept? Reason for the question is i would like to plug it to a solar system with a battery, And the solar charger can push up to 14.1V when the sun is At fullest.

Will it be safe to plug that directly to the gateway? Or will i need to use a regulator if yes which one please ?
Thank you!

anything on this please? we need to know the voltage input range of the WisGate Lite2 Rak7268C …
please this should be in the data sheet as well if i may suggest that…

Hello @JayjJay
The input voltage can be from 9V to 15V DC for RAK7268/C.

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