Rak7268C no Join when LoraWan Public is OFF

Hello there,
For some reason when my RAK7268C is setup using Local Network and as shown in the picture below it won’t allow any device to join and nothing shows up in the LoRa Packed logger either…

with LoRaWAN Public off nothing works if i enable it the nodes are able to join, so my question is why can’t i use this in a private mode?

can someone explain to me how do i configure the gateway yo be used in a private mode where only my nodes are part of the network?


Are Rakwireless team monitoring this board???
can someone please reply?

after a hard reset of the gateway, my nodes are able to Join the private mode …


Hello @JayjJay,
Well, the Public/Private button changes the synch word that the gateway is using. If you want to use it this way, you will need to change the synch word in your nodes/end devices.

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Hello Nikola,
Thanks for the reply, where can i get the synch word that the gateway created?

i do not see that on the interface…


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Additionally keep in mind that the sync word distinction is only an initial filter.

While the sync word definitely needs to match, what actually determines if a node is part of a network or not is if the node is registered with that network or not.

All of the networks using “private” syncwords may see each other’s raw traffic, but they only pay attention to what is theirs - they don’t have the encryption keys to do much of anything with the rest anyway.

thanks for the updates,
is their any links or literature that you can share to learn more about the private section of LoRaWan…
much appreciate it.


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